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Provision of Industrial Training

Since year 2000, YSG Biotech has assumed the responsibility of providing industrial training for students from local and overseas universities majoring in Biotechnology or related biological fields. This role-taking as a training provider for a growing demand of skilled work force in the area of Biotechnology is in line with the country's expectations. Each year, on average, we accept 3-4 students for practical training, and thereafter upon completion of their studies, these individuals may be considered for absorption into the Company's labor pool based on performance.

Conservation of Indigenous Orchid Species

The rich biodiversity in Borneo has attracted both local and foreign researchers to Sabah to work on the identification and conservation of the flora and fauna in the forests. Conversely, YSG Biotech, with the relevant resources and technology, has embarked on research works that aim to help conserve indigenous orchid species such as the Slippers Orchids, Tiger Orchids and Borneo Orchids, some of which are on the verge of extinction due to overharvesting or exploitation of its natural habitat. Using tissue culture techniques, we are able to successfully mass multiply different orchid species via seeds and vegetative materials. It is expected that the populations of rare species can be rebuilt through the planting out of propagules from the lab in the near future.


Contribution to Greening Projects

YSG Biotech is also helping to provide a greener environment through the contribution of planting materials in the form of field-ready trees/plants (forest and ornamental species) as and when requested by non-profit organizations and government agencies for greening projects within the state such as during World Environment Day.