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The Clonal Option
Selected Superior Clones
Worldwide Exportation of Top Teak
The Clonal Option

Acknowledging the ever-growing gap between supply and demand of teakwood, sourcing for future teak supply from plantations is an obvious option. While the conventional way of setting up plantations using seeds is commonly adopted, severe limitations associated with this method have resulted in poor and unpredictable yields, not to mention the long gestation to maturity, which has been a primary deterrent in the investment on teak plantations.

As quality seed supply becomes limiting, the alternative option is to consider vegetative propagation of clonal materials - the Clonal Option, for plantation establishments. The Clonal Option offers:

  • The selection of clones with shorter rotations to harvest time

  • The possibility to control the quality of trees in terms of straightness and bole strength

  • The use of clones with narrow crown for inter-cropping with other cash crop species such as oil palm

  • A regular supply of planting materials all year round

We at YSG Biotech possess the advanced in vitro technology to introduce and mass multiply any selected superior tree regardless of its age.

The Tissue Culture Process